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Black Forest Fire - Part of the our Community

Did you ever have one of those days that you never forget? It will feel the same today as it will 20 years from now. The kind of day when you can remember everything, sights, smells, feelings and it seemed to happen in slow motion? Tuesday June 11 was that kind of a day for our own Nancy Bradley. The day started like any other hot June day would. Nancy left for a job, a house to paint near Dublin and Academy.

At about 1pm, Nancy received a call from the office telling her that there was a plume of smoke coming up from the Black Forrest area. Nancy stepped outside to see and immediately her heart sunk. She immediately excused herself from the worksite and headed toward her home. There were currently 4 family members living on her property and with their help and the help of 2 friends, they were able to evacuate quickly moving important papers and a trunk full on family photos, her 2 dogs as well as friends goats, chickens, cats and dogs. Nancy was concerned about her neighbors, both in their 90’s. She called their daughter to see if they needed any additional help, and was relieved when she saw them pull out of their driveway. Nancy felt blessed that she and her family made it out of the forest safely, and although they did not have a lot of time to evacuate she felt glad they got out with what they did and the “rest of the ‘stuff’ replaceable or not was just stuff.”

Like so many other families that were evacuated and did not know if their homes were burned in the Black Forest Fire or Waldo Canyon Fire, Nancy was on edge. She went to work every day, painting homes not sure if she still had a home. The Black Forest fire burned over 500 homes; Nancy’s home was spared. The fire came within 50 feet of her house and burned ¼ of her property. She is grateful for the firefighters and police that kept her home safe while she was evacuated. We admire Nancy, the amazing way she stayed calm during the fire, the work ethic that had her back to work the day after evacuations, her positive attitude and her willingness to help others in need as she was scrambling to take care of herself. We at Just Details Painting feel honored to work with such a strong woman.

Nancy used the back of one of our Just Details Painting yard signs to say thank you to the firefighters. She also used a combination of old paint samples to paint a few other signs.

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