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Spring Training starts today at Just Details Painting

Spring Training

Spring training starts today at Just Details Painting and we are excited about the up coming season. Manager Mike Deulen says we have the strongest crew foreman’s ever. Returning this year for his for his second season is Robert Fisher, he completed his training last year and was moved into a staring position. Robert saw heavy use last

year and looks to be even tougher this year. Coming back this year for his 21st season in the big leagues is Antonio Mendoza, he will go down i

n history as the strongest closer ever. This Year Tre ‘Crazy Legs’ McKnight will again be hitting clean up. Last year as you may remember he took a lot of customers deep in the count before hitting one of his league leading 79 home runs. This is Tre's sixth year with the club. We where also able to pick up another starting crew foreman from Certa Pro, he look good in the fall and painted in the winter league for use in Th

e Briargate Neighborhood. Returning for his Second Season is David Highfill, the boy was brought in from the minors last summer out of Indiana and has shown some real integrity and has moved into a starting rotation. Todd Hanson will be back catching for his second season; he is leading the club in on base percentage and steals. Cindy is still in the front office owner and general manager and her partner Justin Deulen is still working in the New Homes Market trying to help them boost sales. Mike Deulen Jr will be moving from the communications department to player development. He will be spending his time this spring as the Pitching Instructor at Pueblo West High school, a well-known hot bed of Major league prospects. One last word of excitements is that Big John from new homes will sign today for his third season as a pinch hitter. John has probably come the farthest of all the hitters; he has become very accomplished for someone who is so new to the sport. I look for us to be around in October. If you think you’re going to go far in the playoffs you’re going to have to come through the Springs.

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