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About Us

Family Owned and Operated

When you are family owned and proud of what you do, you will have a good business. There are five of us and we are fierce when it comes to doing things right.

We are not perfect, but we improve every day. We hold each other accountable on a daily basis.

We take each and every job personally.

We care and we want you to have a good experience and get a good value.

We live to make you smile. Just today as I’m writing this for our new website Justin, one of my three sons calls me on the phone beaming. You could hear the pride in his voice. He says,


"Marty is in the house installing the stain pack we just did and he loves it."

He said it may be the best we have ever done. We get crazy about doing things right. Our employees are just like us. In our company we do not care about the money.

We work to get the smiles and the thanks. We get them every day. We get a small negative remark once in a blue moon and we fix it. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

I get positive feedback every day. We do it right!

JDP_blue paint.png
Mike & his family
Staff, Crews and their Families
2018-2023 Local Colorado Springs Business
This is a map to show our local Colorado Springs repaint customers last year. As a small business we appreciate all of your business and referrals.  

  • Blue indicates exterior job
  • Purple indicates interior job
  • Not pictured New Builds
Google Map 2018-2023.jpg
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