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Exterior Painting Checklist

You have received your Quote, signed your Contract and are excited for your project day to arrive, below you will find a check-list for you to complete before your paint crews show up.

These lists are made to help you, if you have discussed specific things with your Project Manager, adhere to that over this list.  If you have questions do not hesitate to text or call your Project Manager right away. The list should be complete by the time your painting crew shows up.
Use the checklist below or click and HERE for a printable version.

"This list was wonderful, I felt like I was 100% ready for the painting crew when they showed up, as well as what to expect. Thanks for this resource!"


Remove wind chimes and other items on the house

If rehanging in the same place it is okay to leave hanger on the house.


Make sure Painting crew has access to Water & Power

They will need Water for clean up, and Power for the sprayer.


Move Patio Furniture Away from home.

Make sure there is enough room for painters to get around.


Make sure animals have a plan for the day.

 If your pet(s) need potty breaks throughout the day or if they will be barking all day at the painting crews, you may want to consider somewhere away from the home for the duration of the painting project.


No coming and going on the day of painting.

Your doors and windows will be closed in with plastic, you will not be able to exit or enter the home.  Keep this in mind when making a plan for your animals.


Please have bushes and trees trimmed back

The painters need to be able to get to your home.


Leave fences unlocked

The painting crews will need access all the way around your home, please make sure the fences are left unlocked on painting day.


Remove security cameras

If not removed they will be masked for painting.  You may want to leave notifications off as painters will be all over your property on painting day.




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