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What to do with left over paint?

If you have close to a Gallon: Consider painting a small room, like a bathroom or closet. Another fun idea would be to paint an accent wall, you can also consider re-

coating a scuffed-up piece of furniture.

If you have less than a Quart: A fun or frustrating amount! A quart is great for staining a window frame, or brighten up a bookshelf by painting the inside!

All of this is great but you have less than a Pint lift: This is a fun one, personalize a tray or dip a basket base or update a lamp.

Sample Size Paint leftover? No Problem! Cheer up a bird house, paint some canvas shoes, or trim the edge of a mirror.

Left over paint can be fun to play with, check Pinterest to help get your creative juices flowing! However, if you are still stumped see if friends or relatives would be interested in your paint, check with local churches or community organizations, artists that paint murals, or check with your local Habitat for Humanity. A new coat of paint can make anything feel fresh!

**If you need paint, head over to our favorite Benjamin Moore store at their North store 205 W. Rockrimmon Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 or their South store at 5755 Industrial Pl, Colorado Springs, CO 80916.

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