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How can my house painters help with Wrinkling, Sagging & Flaking?

Wrinkling, Sagging, Peeling, Flaking, Blistering, & Alligatoring and we are not talking about your skin! We are talking about painting problems. There are many similarities between our skin and paint problems both on interior and exterior paint. Most of us look in the mirror daily and see flaws in our skin, a good painter will look at your home’s paint the same way. So what do these kinds of painting problems mean and how can they be fixed?

  • • Alligatoring – Patterned cracking in the paint film resembling the scales of an alligator. The solution is to first remove the old paint; scraping, sanding using chemical removers or a heat gun can do this. Wash with an appropriate cleaner and allow completely dry before repainting.

  • • Blistering – Caused from a loss of adhesion and lifting of the paint film from the underlying surface. To fix blistering first remove all of the loose paint. Repair from any water damage, caulk and paint.

  • • Flaking – The lifting of paint from the underlying surface in the form of flakes. To fix flaking you will need to remove flaking areas by either sanding, scraping or using a wire brush to remove all loose paint. Then prepare the underlying surface and apply new paint.

  • • Peeling – Where there is a primer and topcoat or multiple coats of paint peeling off the painted surface. To repair, first remove old, loose, cracked caulk, find and repair any source of water, then prime and paint.

  • • Sagging – Downward “drooping’ of the paint film immediately after application resulting in an uneven coating. The solutions if the paint is still wet is to reroll or brush to even out the paint. If the paint has dried remove the sagging paint by sanding or scraping and reapply the paint.

  • • Wrinkling – A rough, crinkled paint surface, which occurs when uncured paint forms a ‘skin’. The solution is to remove the wrinkled coating by sanding or scraping until the area is clean. Then reapply the paint coating (and primer if necessary).

It is important to always follow paint label and directions and to use the appropriate product for each job, if you are unsure talk to the painting professionals. Maybe it’s time to walk around your home and look at it the way you look in the mirror. It is usually less costly to catch these problems early.

Just Details Painting can help you with any interior house painting or exterior house-painting project you have. We are a family owned and operated business and been serving the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas for over 14 years. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and stand behind our work. Please call for more information 719-499-5999.

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