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Top 10 Reason's To Hire a Painter

Mike Deulen's Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Painter

10. To stay married.

9. Not to do it twice

8. To keep from hiring a carpet cleaner.

7. Stay out of emergency room.

6. Keep your reputation that you are handy around the house.

5. Reduce stress. 4. Can tell people that it’s your house, your just not renting.

3. It just makes sense.

2. Allows your kids to learn that kind of language somewhere else.

And the top reason

1. Are you crazy, you could be golfing

Just like every home project, you can do it yourself. However for all of the reasons listed above and more it makes since to hire a professional painting contractor. Just Details Painting has been painting houses in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas for over 15 years. We are bonded, insured and back every paint job with a full warranty. Call for a Free estimate today, 719-499-5999 and tell them Mike sent you.

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